About me

I have worked in the Advertising industry for the last two decades. It first lighted my passion when I joined a pioneering digital agency as a trainee in 1998’s Barcelona while studying the Computer Graphics degree. An affair that turned into a life-lasting romance.

In 2002, my career began amidst the digital era boom and I was immersed in digital image processing, animation, and web design. However, I also got my hands deep and dirty into traditional layout and printing techniques when I moved back to my hometown, Andorra la Vella. I worked at Adn Disseny for 7 years, a graphic design studio where I added my spirit, ideas, and capabilities to the team. One of my favorite workplaces ever!

I had a hard time deciding when I was offered an Art Director position at St!, an international communication consultancy firm based in Andorra. I took the chance in 2009 and managed to win, along with my coworkers, several main accounts for the firm in the first year.

Then another big opportunity knocked at the door, I was given the turn for directing the creativity at a campaign in the 2012 Mexican Presidential Election. After great success, I was promoted to Creative Director of the new firm named El Equipo de Campaña.

I’ve directed creative teams in many political, advocacy and non-profit projects along the American and European continents between 2012 and 2017  obtaining several Pollie and Reed Awards, the highest worldwide distinctions in political communication, in the copywriting, graphic design, digital and TV categories.

While politics provides tons of information about the target and audience, it can be devastating to creative minds in the long run, so, I decided to step back, move to Tulum and work as a freelance Graphic Designer engaged in creating inspiring ideas, meaningful shapes, and powerful messages for smart projects and people.

During all this time I have worked for brands and their creative teams, clever guys that pushed hard their start-ups, true political leaders regardless of their ideology, and national institutions and services to whom I am still grateful to this day.