About me

For over twenty years, I’ve been deeply involved in the advertising field, a journey that began in Barcelona in 1998. As a Computer Graphics student, I was drawn into the industry through an internship at a leading digital agency, sparking a passion that has endured ever since.

By 2002, I was fully immersed in the burgeoning digital era, honing my skills in digital image processing, animation, and web design. Yet, my expertise also spans traditional layout and printing techniques, which I embraced upon returning to my native Andorra la Vella, working at Adn Disseny for seven years. This period stands out as one of the most fulfilling phases of my career.

A significant milestone was accepting an Art Director role at St!, an international communications consultancy in Andorra, in 2009. Here, I, alongside my team, successfully secured several key accounts within our first year. This success paved the way for another major opportunity: leading the creative direction for a campaign in the 2012 Mexican Presidential Election. Following our triumph, I ascended to Creative Director at El Equipo de Campaña.

Between 2012 and 2017, I led creative teams across political, advocacy, and non-profit projects throughout the Americas and Europe. Our efforts were recognized with several Pollie and Reed Awards, prestigious accolades in political communication, spanning categories like copywriting, graphic design, digital, and TV.

However, the intense focus on politics, while informative, proved to be creatively stifling over time. Seeking a change, I relocated to Tulum to pursue freelance graphic design, dedicating myself to generating inspiring ideas, impactful visuals, and powerful messages for innovative projects and individuals.

Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with diverse clients including ambitious start-ups, genuine political figures, and esteemed national institutions. These experiences have been incredibly rewarding, and I remain thankful for the opportunities to contribute my skills and creativity to such a wide array of projects